Content Writing

One of the most powerful ways to get search engines to notice your website is by having great content with the right strategy and combination of keywords, titles and links to increase website ranking and improves the amount of organic web traffic you may receive from search engines. Regular website content in the form of titles, headings and body paragraphs tell search engines, that the users search intent matches the page’s content. Blog writing is also a form of content and is extremely valuable in expanding a websites content and usable keywords as well as providing valuable links that improve SEO and can be shared to other websites and to social media.

What is content writing?

Content writing in the context of marketing is when you write content with the purpose of it being searched and indexed on search engines. Being a good and consistent source of new, well-written, and well-structured content s is important to determine search user intent and keep search engines crawling and indexing your website.

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Website Content Writing

Appealing and original content will increase your brand awareness and boost your SEO efforts – meaning more clicks, leads, and conversions.

$250 per page

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What’s included

  • Research into relevant and most searched topics related to the subject of page or pages being written for.

  • Understanding your target audience and how the content will improve page search-ability.

  • Written content provided and installed to site including single page SEO development.

*Priced by the page.

Blog Writing

By using top SEO strategies, we are able to help clients rank higher on search engines for the search terms related to your niche and improve the quality/quantity of organic traffic to your site.

Starting at $400/mo

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What’s included

  • Research and planning of relevant and most searched topics by your target audience
  • Keyword planning and implementation.
  • Production and installation 2+ blogs per month, designed to improve web content and increase site keywords.