Local SEO Services Provides Your Business The Personal Touch It Deserves

SEO services are a mixed bag, especially when you consider the sheer amount of global, national, local, and even automated AI SEO marketing resources available today. It can be extremely tough as a business owner to decipher which resources may be best for you. While biased, we have always believed local SEO services provide the best options when it comes to general and comprehensive digital marketing strategies, and in this article, we will explore exactly why that is.

Local SEO Companies Benefits

Many in the industry of SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing have come to appreciate big websites offering phenomenal tools to apply and execute marketing strategies. Just google SEO subscriptions or SEO services and you will see the sheer volume of great tools like SurferSEO and Ahrefs that provide unique services to optimize and track your SEO performance. With this comes availability, and this is a good thing! Gone are the days of a one size fits all marketing platform! This has been a powerful reality for small marketing agencies and freelancers as it puts the tools at the fingertips of every marketer. Here are just some of the great results you can expect from an SEO program that focuses on local search success:

  • Higher authority among local competitors
  • More qualified leads
  • Higher rankings among local searches
  • Targeting the right local traffic
  • Increased sales revenue
  • Reduced advertising expenses
  • Building customer loyalty and reputation management

As a local SEO digital marketing agency, this puts some distinct advantages to agencies able to provide a more boutique and personalized digital marketing approach. This is highly effective in that fundamentally one thing that hasn’t changed in marketing is that the most effective marketing strategies have a deep understanding of their target audience. This is why so many customers choose marketing companies that focus on a singular niche market or that are local. In those two benefits alone the marketer is already set up to provide the best local SEO services.

Local Boutique Agency for Local SEO Campaigns

A boutique agency doesn’t mean small and it certainly doesn’t mean less effective. We call ourselves a boutique agency because our focus is on keeping our campaigns personal, focused, and effective within our niche. We don’t assign you an account manager we put you in a direct line of communication with our owners. Our strategies are customized and built to get the best return on your investment and additionally leave nothing off the table. Plenty of large agencies both locally and nationally focus only on volume and check you off their list of pre-determined KPI’s.

Whether you get additional business tends to fall by the wayside. Ever wonder why the conversations always start with, “we generated X amount of traffic,” “we saw X many impressions.” We bring a small-town touch, by beginning every conversation by asking, “How’s business? Do you feel our marketing efforts are helping?” Trust me we aren’t asking because we don’t track the same data the big guys do. We ask because we want to gain a pulse for our perceived effectiveness to our clients. This opens the conversation by allowing us an opportunity to educate, adjust or celebrate the wins and losses of a campaign. We have

Local Search Engine Optimization With Google My Business

When applying the principles of local search and google my business we recommend focusing on your key local audience. Here is why we recommend a focus on Google my business first when it comes to search engine optimization:

  • Local listings at the first page of google based on geo proximity
  • Website link building
  • Legitimacy as a business, your customers expect it
  • Utilize hours and communicate with your customers on the first page!
  • Manage your reputation and reviews
  • Post news and inform your customers
  • List with your local business competitors

For these reasons it is essential to local SEO factors to ensure you claim your google my business page. Next, we will discuss how you can implement industry-standard SEO practices for your local SEO campaigns.

Local SEO Expert Practices: Win on the Home Front

Do you have authority over your competition? Not sure what I mean by this? Authority for a local business is essential in squashing your competition on a digital war-front. Authority is defined as a background score google awards content based on several indicating factors. including; keywords utilized, page speed, internal linking, external linking, and of course page traffic. Google utilizes this score in deciding what content ends up before the other!

SEO is the process of combing all of these factors and generating content designed to beat your competitors. Did you know we can pull these projected scores straight from our tools, and utilize technology and AI to simulate scores for your content?

Let’s simplify for a moment. Imagine you’re a plumber creating an article on, “How to shut off the water from your home.” You do not have a blog article on the subject. However, your competitor furthermore this page ranks within the top 5 blog articles over the last year. We know that both this subject is sought after and useful for your target customer. This makes an obvious candidate for our own article with which we have a targeted domain authority score. By utilizing automated writing tools we can project our authority above our competitors ensuring we have created content that is more relevant in the eyes of google.

Now, just doing this isn’t enough but it’s a fantastic start to edge out your competition! Typically when you create content with these scores then utilize PPC campaigns and Social media to share and attract traffic, we can combine these unified efforts to decrease advertising costs! In time, this proven strategy will increase organic traffic and over time digitally squash your competition.

Just like major brands our boutique SEO agency provides the following local SEO campaign services.

  • Local SEO audit
  • SEO keyword research
  • Google My Business optimization
  • UX Design
  • Site Speed
  • Click through rate (CTR) statistics
  • Content Marketing
  • PPC campaigns
  • Reputation management
  • Linkbuilding
  • On-page SEO
  • Backlink building
  • Local search optimization will ensure you are intelligently competing with local businesses.
  • Use Paid Advertising & Social Media to Boost Rankings

As most digital marketing professionals will say, SEO takes time and you should expect no different from our agency. The difference is in the honesty. Most say 6-12months before you rank on the first page but depending on the keyword difficulty even this can be optimistic at best. What is important here is finding out what keywords you may be ranking for. This is when the time for honesty is most important. Local SEO is best and most effective when combined with a detailed PPC & Social Media campaign.

It’s time we all face the music, you won’t be on the first page at the start without paying for it. The benefit of SEO is that at some point when you’ve paid for the keyword long enough, created high scoring domain authority with great content, and ensured proper SEO practices along the way. Your costs will diminish in due time! Many of our clients have told us in the past that SEO and PPC have frustrated them in the past, and in every instance, this is because both practices were not executed at a high level simultaneously for an extended period of time. Some view this as a risk but the results speak for themselves. Many of our clients have received up to 12X website traffic, with a 3X increase in sales by applying these combined strategies and sticking to it!

These facts well line up with today’s best-known SEO professionals preaching the same thing. It’s not about just keywords anymore, Google cares far more about a website’s ability to create meaningful content for its viewers. Site speed, website traffic, link-building, time on page, click-through-rate, and website navigation have become far more important indicators for increasing your domain authority.

We create digital marketing plans that make our clients feel great about their investment day 1 through PPC and Social Media strategies. You will quickly find customers referencing your ads with proven conversion through google analytics makes your investment worthwhile. Even sweeter, the amount you will pay for these ads if done properly should only decrease in time! This is what we consider content marketing with exponential ROI!

Local SEO – Fort Wort TX

With all the tools available to today’s local SEO agency, we know we provide a service long needed in the SEO and digital marketing space. We want to get to know you, check in on you, educate you and ensure the customers you serve can always find you. While we “Account managers,” are great, and escalation forms can work. We prefer our customers be able to pick up the phone, call the owner of their SEO marketing campaign to make adjustments, share results, and implement their vision. Skip the hassle, skip the team of experts and trust your business with a local SEO leader at Lane Digital Marketing serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and representing clients nation-wide!