Advertising Agencies Will Provide Extraordinary Results

Choosing the best advertising agency can feel complicated. Many advertising agencies offer a variety of services from full-service agencies to marketing for specific niches, to those only offering digital advertising. The good news is, that finding an agency that fits your creative vision and can execute upon your marketing strategy will always be far more important than just seeking out the: “top, best, or even largest” marketing agencies.

Is a Digital Marketing Agency right for you?

In 2021, digital marketing continues to be the backbone of great marketing campaigns. In fact, companies today spend on average of 85% of their marketing budgets on digital marketing resources. Social media marketing continues to be one of the fastest-growing segments with Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn as the major powerhouse platforms. However, newcomers like TikTok have shaken up the industry with new and fresh ways to engage younger audiences.

Finding a match with the perfect Advertising Agency

A great marketing agency takes the vast amount of data available today and directs their clients to build a presence and content on the platforms where their ideal customers spend the most time. In advertising and marketing, being honest about where you will reach the most clients is critical. Market research will need to be performed in order to understand keywords, competitors, and target markets. An advertising agency that invests in multiple tools to provide their clients with the most data implement competitor conquest will see the most results in a digital advertising campaign.

While many advertising agencies won’t give up all their secrets, find one that can explain the science behind their process and demonstrates expert-level business acumen within your niche. Don’t just find a team that promises to use SEO to put you on the front page of GOOGLE, find a team ready to build your organic traffic with multiple SEO practices that will generate leads. Ask yourself, if it’s too good to be true then it probably is.

How does an Advertising Agency use Social Media Marketing?

In Social Media Advertising, with so many platforms to market your business, it can be difficult to trust an advertising agency on which may be best for your business. Great advertising agencies will be honest. DON’T DO THEM ALL! While it sounds like the right answer, being great in managing your online presence with 2-3 of the best platforms for your specific business is best!

For instance, if you were a coffee shop owner seeking more customers with a younger demographic, let’s say 20’s & ’30s. Your first investments in advertising would likely not be through LinkedIn or Youtube. While great platforms LinkedIn has a much lower on-screen time than Facebook and attracts far more B2B clients than B2C. The 20-30 demographic is seeing enormous growth on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok where an average of 72% of Americans within this bracket invest 2-3 hours on these social media platforms.

This helps you narrow your target clients, focuses your campaign, and applies strategic content marketing. Doing too much too fast can over-saturate your campaign and dilute your message leaving you investing your money in the wrong platforms or even worse reaching the wrong clients.

The first sign of trouble should be packages that have no transparency on ad spend. Every marketing campaign on social media will require ad spend but you should be able to understand where your advertising is being spent. An honest advertising agency will advise you on the platform, the ad spend needed within each platform.

This is because every social media platform utilizes ad spend differently with varying ways and costs to reach your potential target customers and meet your engagement needs.

The benefits of finding a Full-Service Advertising Agency in your niche

Expertise comes with experience. So it goes without saying that an agency with experience in your field or niche can give you the upper hand within a competitive advertising environment. As the customer, an advantage here is less time educating your marketing team. We always suggest finding a creative agency that has experience in your field.

While the agency doesn’t have to represent only clients within your niche, it’s best during the hiring process to ask for a portfolio of work that is similar to your business.

This will allow an opportunity to visualize the creativity of an advertising agency and prove proficiency that will lead to results on your project.

Finally, marketing strategies should take the stress off the client. Get an advertising and marketing team that takes the time to understand you and your sales process. One that will take the time to create a sales funnel and focuses on the end result of a sale first and foremost. All the data provided by any agency is worthless if the investment doesn’t bring more business.

If you are looking for an advertising agency that practices what they preach, check out our services page and portfolio of work at Lane Digital Marketing.