Why You Should Have More in Video Advertising Content on Social Media

According to a recent study, 500 million social media users watch in video advertising on Facebook every day. As of the first quarter of 2019, Facebook has 2.38 billion users, so that is a pretty impressive margin. Marketers are not unaware of this trend either and are taking advantage of video to publish content that their target audience finds valuable.

But let’s be honest with ourselves – Facebook is overrun with content, a lot of which brings no value and gets glazed over by users. In order to stand out on a congested feed, it’s essential to create video content that is fresh and engaging. So, how do you do that? We have a few tips to help you start making attention-grabbing videos.

Set an Objective. As with all your social media content, you should have an overarching strategy guiding your posts (Need a little more help with that? We tackled strategy in a previous blog post, here.). What do you want your video to say? Create a structure first, and then let creativity flow from there. Just remember, always keep your target demographic in mind.

Keep it Short. Short, sweet, and to-the-point. While video viewership on Facebook is on the rise, longer-form videos are better suited for platforms like YouTube. Keeping Facebook videos under a couple of minutes is more likely to keep your audience engaged.

Don’t Make it Harder Than it Needs to Be. Thanks to apps like Promo or Adobe Spark, everyone can create professional video content on the fly. With the right message, creative copy, and a little fun, you can make a stand-out video on a budget. Don’t overthink the video-making process, and instead focus on the strategy and message.

Set a Budget. Facebook makes it easy for advertisers to turn their video content into targeted ads. Your video budget doesn’t need to be aggressively high to reach viewers, it instead should reach the right demographic and area (psst, we’re really good at that!).

Utilize the Captions. The mistake marketers often make with videos is repeating the video copy in the caption. By doing this, you’re missing out on potential brand education. Use the video copy to grab the user’s eye and get a simple message across – videos that are too wordy often lose viewership. Use the caption to drill down into the details, hit your message home, and of course, link back to your website.

The next time you’re sitting down to craft your social media strategy, consider working on some video content. If you are already stretched too thin and creating a video seems out of the question, you know where to find us. Our team of digital marketing experts is specially trained in video optimization for social media. Check out our YouTube Channel here.

Did you try out any of the tips we mentioned? Let us know in the comments!